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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Segmentum: OBSCURUS
System : 3 planets (Alpha , Beta , Gamma,)
Surveyed:the first recorded survey of this unknown system was in M.40 by Rogue Trader Xdus Pelorian, his ship The Lamenting Hunter and all aboard disappeared in the system. This is what little information we have.
Climate classification: Cold - Exotic Ammonia-based.
Ammonia Swamps 20% of the planets surface is covered with Shallow Ammonia Swamps
Climatic Phenomenon:Ammonia mist:Clouds are huge fog banks,with in the fog banks ammonia concentration will rise to dangerous levels,and personal must wear full protective suiting and respirator equipment to operate inside fog bank.
Society: None
Plant life: yes, to the untrained eyes, the plants of this planet would look dead .In fact the flora is very hardy surviving on the ammonia rich fog.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Campaign :points

David IG 4

chaos DA "The Fallen 3


Irion Warriors 0

2com Blood angles 3

Ork World Chompas 2.5

Saim Hann Eldar 1

The Sons of Anarchy 0

Black widows 0

Tau Black Dawn's Blade 0