Friday, January 28, 2011

Dark Angels fight in the streets of KASR GERH
The battle for KASER GERH:
KASRER GERH has fallen to chaos, with a massive Artillery bombardment from the Iron warriors artillery battery's,fallowed buy a large ground assault.Only the Dark Angels were able
to hold back the advance,but it was to late.
next week game
The Andur bridge crosses the River Andur at a
vital point,for it links the northern and southern
portion of the regions mainland.
Consequently,the bridge has changed hands many times over the course of the Siege of Trionoras.Currently, a small force of traitor Marines holds the bridge and thus prevents any push towards KHOL ANKA.
MISSIONS: Space marines are the attackers
roll a d6
1-4 surprise attack Battle missions book
5-6 Seize and Distroy Planet Strike Book.

The areas surrounding the bridge are best represented with ruined bunkers and plenty
of craters.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week_3 battle for Trionoras
the forces of the Imperium reel under the impact of the ememy assaults as it launched in all its fury. All across the warzone,enemy assaults come in a never ending tide of fire and steel,but isolated
pockets of resistance continue to hold the line against all assaults.
Special rules:
forces of Chaos get Preliminary Bombardment,
regardless of the mission being played.
Battle zone Kasr Gerh: this is were all games next week will fight.
Kasr Gerh was a pivotal node in the Imperial guards command and control network from which
the defenses could be coordinated with the efficiency for which the 113th Cadain staff corps is
justly noted .However,during the initial phase of the siege of Trionoras, the Kasr sufferd a crippling bombardment of super-heavy ordnance from low orbit Chaos vessels tasked with disabling the regions defenses.Though a strong force still garrisons the few fortified bunkers left standing,the command staff were still evacuated to a secondary installation at Kasr Shylo,were
they continue to issue the orders for the defence of the region.
Terrain should be set up to represent as wartorn an urban area as possible.
roll a d6
1-2 fire sweep, citys of death
3-4 scorched earth , battle missions
5-6 black crusade, battle missions.
each side rolls a d3 for units of IG must be standard troops.
Chaos is the attacker

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Battle for Port ILOL,
The force of the Dark Angels did an all out assault on the Chaos strong hold of Port ILOL.Both side used little restraint .
the Dark Angel used there Bombardment cannons form there Strike cruiser in low orbit,
and Chaos use Heavy artillery from the Iron warriors out side of Khol Kimra.There Is nothing left of Port ILOL,but still it needed to be taken from Chaos and it was.Froce of the Cadian 113 th
moving in from Khol Vellan to hold whats left of Port ILOL.
Next Battle: KHOL KIMRA: City fight rules or battle mission book
Roll 1-4 Black Crusade
5-6 total devastation ,citys of death.
Rember that Chaos in this game . Have one chaos
Infantry from the Elite section may infiltate.
Also Space Marines get 1 unit of IG troops
The vast, food manufactoria of Khol Kimra are vital to the continued war effort, for they produce
food for the whole system. Command has ordered the Dark Angel to Strengthend,even at all cost of weakening other position.
Terrain: Largely urban. Chaos are the attackers this week

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Battle for Trionoras:
As cults and recidivsts emerge all across the planet loyalist armies are streched to the very limit
in containing incidences os assassination, sabotage,and ambush . the imperial forces struggle with the fifth columnist and sabotage to their supply lines and find it difficult to muster coherent forces when targets of opportunity arise.
Battle next week
Special rules
one chaos infantry squad chosen from the Elites section may infiltrate.
missions: Seize and destory , planet strike page
mission:Planet Quake, Planet strike page 51
battle zone: Port ILOL.
formerly a busy logistical suppy conduit serving a
number of installations throughout the region,Port ilol is now reduced to a desecrated warscape by cackling maniacs,and idolaters.