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Tuesday, January 18, 2011Battle for Trionoras: Week 2

"Show no Mercy for these Traitors!"

-Brother Sergeant Malachi

Following their defeat in PORT ILOL, the Chaos forces set their sights on the food producing city of KHOL KIMRA. Sensing this impending attack, the Imperial Command tasked the Dark Angels, lead by the Librarian Nicodemus, with the duty of defending this valuable territory.

The Chaos forces were frustrated in their assault as many of their troops were delayed in their arrival onto the battlefield. As a result, the early portion of the battle saw the Dark Angel gunline cutting down the invading forces as they charged forward in just small segments. Infuriated by these early losses, the Khorne Lord leading the Chaos invasion sent wave after wave of more troops at the Dark Angels. The tide had seemed to be turning in favor of the invaders. In the end, the Chaos commanders realized that they couldn't afford to lose any more marines in this single encounter. The traitorous forces were ordered to withdraw from the battle leaving KHOL KIMRA in the control of the Dark Angels



Thought for the Day: The Furnace of Victory burns brightest when fed with our Enemies’ Mangled Remains

TO: His Lordship Hrothgar Trask, Segementum Viceroy for Lord Commander Militant of the Imperial Guard in the Tarso System

CC: High Lords of Terra, General Correspondence File

Commander Cazares, Cadian 420th Regiment

BCC: Agents of the Inquisition, per their request.

FROM: Devlin Marsk, Administrative Assistant

RE: Continuing Action in the Torso System

By The Grace of His Undying Majesty, Greetings:

I must first apologize to all those on the distribution list for my lag in transmitting the battle report for the previous solar week. My office was moved to another section of the ship. This created a backlog in my work. An officer form Commander Cazares’ staff visited me shortly after the move and gently reminded me that if I did not feel up to my administrative duties I was more than welcome to join my comrades on either the desert or the ice world. As I believe it would be a grave betrayal of the funds and time invested in my training by the Administratum to put my clerical skills to waste on the battlefield (regardless of how I long for combat) I have resolved to catch up on my work. Thus, the battle reports for the action of the previous two solar weeks follow:

1. Both my organic and augmetic organs swell with pride to inform you all that the 420th reclaimed the Manufactorum from the accursed Tau. Despite the heavy losses sustained by the noble Grey Knights Astartes present to support us, due to a contingency of Tau Crisis Battle Suits. I would also like to recommend Guardsmen Marbo for special commendation. He showed remarkable bravery in a near suicidal grenade attack on a Tau Leader that reduced the vile Xeno to so much crystallized goo on the permafrost. So much for the Greater Good. (It also might interest my colleagues in the Historical Records department that an intercepted Tau communicae we were able to decode has given us the name of this particular army and their commander. It is “Black Dawn’s Blade”, led by the infamous Shas O Or'shan).

2. In our ongoing engagement of the Green Menace, Commander Merodach’s 113th shock troops unleashed the Emperor’s Wrath on the World Chompas clan of Warboss Badzagga. Heavy losses were sustained on both sides. At the close of the monitoring cycle, the fight had reached a standstill, with no clear winner. I would like to point out that means there was also no clear loser, thus, we did not lose.

This week’s action was confined to the desert planet where the onslaught continues against the bilious Orks. We were blessed with the arrival of the Sons of Sanguinus (not all of them, but certainly enough to raise our spirits). The Astartes laid waste to the Orks holding the Manufactorum, though the wretched Xenos put up an unbelievable fight. Those of weaker constitutions observing aboard our vessel several times declared the battle lost. I can proudly say I am not guilty of such Heresy, and will gladly provide the names of those who are.

I will say that the Mega-Nobz of this particular horde should not be underestimated. One of them single-handedly took out a Rhino. Not to mention a squad absorbed the combined firepower of the Astartes and kept fighting. It is also worth noting, just so as not to underestimate this enemy, that the toughness of the average Ork is not exaggerated. The crew of one of their armored jalopies walked away unscathed and ready to fight after the Blood Angels neutralized the vehicle.

The unknowable and unpredictable currents of the Warp, while keeping many of our most hated enemies at bay this past week, also shut out some of our best commanders from the action. I can only offer prayers and supplications to the Emperor that the maelstrom in the aether will cease, allowing us all a pathway into holy battle (I will remain on board the ship in my office to document it, of course)

I can be reached on the fleet’s command ship if any further information is required.

May the Blessings of the Throned One Be Upon You