Friday, February 3, 2012

AAR20120130While conducting a recon with a light armored force, our personnel detected an unusual energy signal from some Imperial ruins. We were sent to investigate. As we approached the area and unnatural darkness descended. We then encountered a massive force of robot like warriors that fell on us like the bizarre green lightning that continually struck our forces throughout the battle. Our men fought bravely, but were cut down mercilessly by waves of these robotic abominations. My unit of storm troopers was then dispatched to the battlefield where we engaged these "things." Our men fought well, but were so massively outnumbered that we could do little more than try to stem the tide. I saw heavy weapons fire bounce harmlessly off of these creatures, and when we did manage to take them down, some of them repaired themselves and stood back up to continue fighting! I could only have been evil sorcery. We managed to cut down dozens of them, but they just kept coming. The battlefield would have been quite impressive form afar, with blasts of lasguns, plasma cannons, meltas and of course the accursed green lightning and the discharges from their unholy Xeno weapons lighting up the darkness. My men died valiantly, and I was prepared to die for the emperor combating these Xeno abominations, but I received orders to withdraw and report on the battle. Unfortunately, Captain Armstrong and the remainder of the force were wiped out. I respectfully suggest the use of extreme caution and massive ordinance when dealing with these creatures.I would also like to request a new squad, so that we can return with adequate support and deal our revenge on these monsters. In the Emperor's name,Imperial Storm TrooperSergeant Thomas Hi-Wei

Transmitted : Landing Fields of Carnus Octavian
Received: The Strike cruiser ( Terminus) high anchor above Obscurs Alpha.

The landing Fields of Carnus Octavian has come under sustained attack buy ORK,s. the Cadian forces in that area have been wipe out.There is little hope that there will be any survivors.
From the last transmission,we believe that they are named THE World Chompas.

Thought of the day: Cowards die many times ,The brave die but once.
this will be the last time we see that ork alive!!!

Attention Imperial Command: My name is Elroy Dansky, janitorial serf assigned to Space Port Carnus Octavian. The Orks have overrun our facility. All the Imperial Guardsmen defending this territory are either fled or slain. Of the civilian laborers, I am the only survivor. The Orks have eaten everyone else. The Ork Warboss has kept me alive to inform you of this and all of his future conquests.The Orks caught us off guard with their initial attack. They assaulted our lines with their helicopter-like contraptions. One of our command units was immediately forced to withdraw from the battle. In response, the guardsmen directed their heavy weapons at the oncoming Ork transport vehicles. First, we managed to destroy one of their lightly armoured vehicles and the squad of orks it was carrying. Then one of the Leman Russ tanks shot its demolisher cannon at an Ork Battlewagon. The shell made a direct hit destroying the Xenos tank in a spectacular explosion. For a brief moment morale among the guardsmen was high, that was until they heard a roar of overwhelming fury from across the battlefield. Our hearts sank as as we saw the Warboss and his personal guard of Nobz emerged from the flaming wreckage unscathed. They charged right into our defensive forces, tearing apart any tanks or guardsmen in their path. It was only a matter of time until the Space Port was in their control.May the Emperor forgive me for serving as the Orks' messenger - I am only a coward. The Warboss wanted me to tell you that his name is Gorgog Badzagga the Terror of Taros and the Overfiend of Ovaris. His tribe calls themselves the "World Chompas."