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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Formerly the most productive food manufactory in the region,KHOL VELOK was captured by enemy forces in the opening days of the siege of TRIONORAS and has since been transformed into a city-sized altar to every excess of CHAOS.
It is a city from nightmare, from which the servants of the Ruinous Powers launch assaults consisting of untold thousands of traitors,mutants and cultists upon the defenders of Regional Command.
Terrain should be dense.
try to make look like Chaos made the area there own.
SPECIAL RULES: this week:
Winds of the warp, The area around KHOL VELOK is a true nightmare. ROLL A D6
1-3 warp shifts in this area have left many troops on the front line deathly afraid and unwilling to move from there new defensive positions at the ST GAVEN BRIDGE for fear of the site of what is left of KHOL VELOK. Roll a d6 for each unit form the forces of order. On a roll of a 5+that unit starts the game pinned!
4-6 Deadly ambushes form Beasts from the warp have made the force of order very slow to advance. Roll a d6 for each unit .On a roll of a 5+ that unit suffers a -1 LD for the whole game.
MISSION: roll a d6
1-2 High Ground City of death book
3-6 Close Quarters action New mission from the web I will send you all this mission!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Battle for ST. GAVEN BRIDGE:
Mission played was Reconnaissance in force:
Dark Angels scouts were able to locate Chaos Traitors guard in the wetlands around the ST.GAVEN BRIDGE,and call in there location to the Dark Angels main strike force. The Traitor were caught off guard,and with the help of the OFFCIO ASSASSINORUM ,delaying the hev armored support for the Traitors.
Dark Angels took the bridge,now forces of the Cadian 113th are moving up from KHOL KIMRA.
side note, I think i had the worst 1st turn in my gaming life,LOL!!! good game Sam.
Sam and Scooter can you each roll some dice for me
Scooter 2 d6 sam 3 d6 add them up and tell me what you rolled.this role is to see who move 1st.
also tell me were you want to move!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The mighty river IVENE is crossed by St.GAVEN BRIDGE to the south of KHOL VELOK,and this mighty fortified structure has been reinforced by the forces of Chaos in defense of their captured city.

Were once solid structures built by the imperiums finest engineers stood watch over the raging river,now vicious iron spikes adorned with the cadavers of the imperial martyrs bear witness to the cruel intentions of the campaign.

BATTLES: Rules are the same as last week

Missions: roll a d6

1: Vanguard battle missions book

2-5 reconnaissance in force Battle mission book

6 Ambush : main rule book

Space marines are the attackers


Terrain in this area should be relatively open. your table should represent the approach rout to it across the bleak moors

Friday, February 11, 2011

ANDUR BRIDGE : Has fallen back to the hands of Chaos .The Forces of the Imperium were told to hold the bridge at all cost,and wait intill a releaf force from KASR SHYLO to help
in the defence of the bridge,but were to late.with the help of the OFFCIO ASSASSINORUM
The Imperial force were able to dely Most of the Chaos heavy armour from reaching the bridge.
The Dark Angel were able to hold on to there section,but had to withdraw,due to the fall of all other sectors.
NEW RULES for map movment ( Stategy Rating)
Sam rolles 3D6
Scooter rolls 2D6
tell me what all your dice add up to,and the highest roll gets to pick there map move 1st
we can start this on the next map movement turn. PS I know that you guys will tell the truth what you role.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Forces of the Offcio Assassinorum have been
sent to the war zone.Destorying supply bases,disrupting communications,and assassinating key leaders.
Special Rules:
1-3 Roll a d6 for each unit from a Chaos army.On a roll of a 6, that unit must enter play from Reserves
4-6 One randomly determined model from the forces of chaos with access to its armory(e.g.,
Independent charaters and Veteran Sergeants) has been targeted by Snipers and my not be deployed in the battle.

This area has been the focuse of some of the worst fighting in the war.The Iron Warriors are
set a takeing it back,at all cost.Imperail forces have dugin and are waiting for the assult to start.
roll a D6
both are from the battle missions book
TERRAIN: same as last week

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The Impreal force lanched a suprise attack on the Andur Bridge,In a three prong attack.

The Adeptus Mechanicus lanched a ground attack

on the headquters of the trator guard,killing all of there leaders,but not with out takeing hevey loses. Adepta Soroita also lanched a ground attack

in the urban area near the Bridge, killing all that was left of the Chaos Marines,and opening the road to the Bridge.

The forces of the Dark Angels Lanched an attack

from orbit to catch the Iron warriors buy supprise at there commaned bunker complex

but fail to capture it.

Sam and Scooter were do you want to move?