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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Battle for Manufactorum Cratos,
Hive Fleet unknown has taken the  Manufactorum Cratos on Corvus Majoris.
The forces Adeptus Astartes have been given the task to retake the  Manufactorum .
 Map location rules: the Tyranid play can take an additional Elite FastAttack or Hev Support on
the Force org chart.

The Battle for the ruins on Junkatta,
Foces of the Necron Maulek Dynasty  have found an accent shrine of chaos in the ruins on Junkatta.
Eldar can not let them have it for there own reasons.
Map location rules: Daemon World rules.
 Can all of you tell me your army names
Blood Angels 2nd com
113th cadian.
Necron Maulek Dynasty

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